Clean house with potatoes

Clean house with potatoes

Mirrors and glass

Maybe you don’t know, that raw potatoes can be used to clean glass and mirrors and totake the remaining footprints on any kind of smooth surface.

To do so, just cut it in half and rub it for a while on the stain and then rinse with a clean cotton cloth, slightly moistened.

Wash the floors with potatoes

With the cooking water you can even wash the floors and remove limestone halos and to make shiny and shiny silver. Doing so is really simple: just leave them in the water for a while and they will come back as new.

Wash the bottles

To clean the inside of glass bottles just fill the bottle with pieces of raw potatoes, a spoonful of salt and water. Shake well and wait a bit ‘will be spotless.

Wash the carpets

But it doesn’t end there. With potatoes you can also liven up the colors of your rugs. To do this, prepare a solution by grating two potatoes in a litre of boiling water and leave to infuse for at least two hours. After beating the carpet and vacuuming, pass a cloth soaked with this solution and the carpet will be as just bought.

Say goodbye to brooms, shovels, buckets and tea towels: with potatoes you will clean your home with ease and respect for the environment!