Braised potatoes

The recipe for these delicious braised potatoes is quite simple to prepare.


1 clove of garlic
1 kg of potatoes
Some leaves of sage


Wash the potatoes under running water, cleaning the skin with a toothbrush, then boil them in salt water.

Take a small pan, melt the butter over a very low heat and add the crushed garlic clove and sage leaves.

After a few minutes it moves away from the fire and filters.

To make the grating of streaked potatoes

Take a large baking pan and arrange the peeled potatoes, then sprinkle with the butter and sprinkle over the slices of cheese.

Put the baking pan in the very hot grill for a few minutes: the potatoes will be ready when the cheese has taken a nice golden color.

Enjoy warm your streaked gratin potatoes decorated with some rosemary, you will not regret!