Coppola Patate

Yellow potatoes

Our yellow potatoes are a selected product, which adapts to many uses. They are poor in starch in fact they do not crumble and are excellent for being cooked in a stew or oven as a side dish. They are ideal to boil as they hold moisture very well.

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Zero Residue

We’re proud of it. Its name comes from the certificate that guarantees to product the absence of any chemicals used in the field to protect the Plant*. It comes in an innovative packaging. In fact, it allows you to separate the paper from the plastic, encouraging reuse and greatly reducing […]

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Selection Fried

Selection Fried are the potatoes that allow you to get even delicious French fries by frying at home and with a pan. These potatoes are tasty, crunchy and do not absorb oil. Their lightness and their high resistance to browning during cooking, represent the distinctive characteristics of this quality of […]

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The Fornatine are the ideal potatoes for baking in the oven: if you follow our tips, you can get the same taste and consistency as the fried potatoes. They are the result of 12 months of cooking tests on many varieties of potatoes to discover the best type. Fornatine are […]

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Red potatoes

Our red-peeled potatoes improve every meal. Small, round and with a light texture, they are characterized by a thin skin, a floury heart and a slightly stronger taste than traditional potatoes. Although they are versatile and can be combined very well as a side dish of any dish, these potatoes […]

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