Frozen fried potatoes: health risks

Frozen fried potatoes: health risks

Resisting a crispy potato is damn hard. However, constantly giving in to such a temptation may prove to be a risk to our health. 

“Haste is often a bad counsellor” an old saying said. Nothing could be truer. And we’re not just referring to the moment before making an important decision, but also to the moment before choosing what to eat.

When we decide to satisfy our desire for crunchy potatoes sometimes, to make it quick, we choose frozen chips, regardless of what risks, these can expose our health. Let’s just think about what we’re going to get.

In fact, to make sure that they are not crisp on the outside and raw inside, frozen fries are pre-fried before being bagged.  A procedure that releases acrylamide, a substance that is formed in carbohydrates at high temperatures and in the absence of water, which has potentially carcinogenic effects.

Who knows this story, usually chooses to fry potatoes at home, but also this method of cooking, because of the high calories, is not recommended for our health.

Should we give up and forget the crispy taste of potatoes?

Absolutely not.

Thanks to the Fornatine, quality of potatoes carefully selected by Coppola, you can cook your own potatoes in the oven and get crispy and tasty chips like fried ones, but with all the advantages of baking.

Skeptical? Try to believe!