Plastic potatoes! 100% biodegradable and…you can also eat it!!!

Plastic potatoes! 100% biodegradable and…you can also eat it!!!

Excessive plastic consumption is one of the main environmental problems of our time. The importance and relevance of this type of pollution derive from the economy of plastic and its high durability over time.

100% biodegradable plastic with potato starch

In this regard, the young Swedish designer of 24 years, Pontus Törnqvist, may have found the solution against the use of plastic “disposable”.

The young Swede, has created a line of bags and cutlery produced with potato starch, water and glycerin. Durable and durable as normal plastic cutlery but do not pollute and you can also eat!

The idea of Pontus Törnqvist is mainly aimed at fast food chains that accumulate excessive amounts of plastic without being able to dispose of them completely.

In addition, the possibility of eating them at the end of a meal, will allow a real “goodbye scraps”.

Potato plastic biodegradable in 2 months

Potato Plastic is a thermoplastic material, consisting of potato starch and water mixed together, heated to their thickening and then poured into certain molds and exposed to heat until they become a compact and dry piece.


Törnqvist hopes that his project will reduce the excessive use of disposable plastic by replacing it with an innovative material such as Potato Plastic resulting in benefits for human health and that of the environment.