The potato as an ally of beauty

The potato as an ally of beauty

Few people know that potato is not one of the most popular foods in the world but also an excellent ingredient for beauty and skin care, thanks to the starch it contains in abundance.

Potato to deflate bags and reduce dark circles

The classic method of peeled potato slices resting on the eyes is absolutely valid.

Alternatively, you can use the juice: centrifuge a raw tuber, soak cotton and swab for a few minutes around the eyes. Then rinse with fresh water.

Potato as natural detergent

Excellent for reducing blackheads and removing impurities from the pores.

Here’s how to do it: peel a potato, cut it into pieces and blend the pulp. Add a tablespoon of white yogurt and spread the mixture on your face. Keep the mask on for about twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Potato against sunburn and skin irritation

Apply some pieces of potato on the areas to be treated, or blend it and use it as a wrap. You’ll see how wonderful!

In addition to soothing the skin, it helps lighten scars and nourish dry skin. Use it after exposure to the sun or when the excessive cold dehydrates the skin of face and hands.